An article takes you to a comprehensive understanding of the induction faucet

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the corresponding living habits are also constantly changing. For example, some practical tools used in life are also subtly updated. Every update is to make people’s life more convenient and efficient. Now many hotels, supermarkets, and station faucets are sensor faucets. Many people will find that they are quite good after using them, and they want to install them at home. but some people also have doubts, what about this sensor faucet?


working principle

First of all, to understand a product, start with the working principle. The induction faucet is based on the reflection of infrared rays.When the hand of the human body is placed in the infrared area of ​​the faucet, the infrared rays emitted by the infrared emitting tube areThe infrared light emitted by the infrared emitting tube is reflected to the infrared receiving tube by the hand of the human body.and the signal processed by the microcomputer in the integrated circuit is sent to the pulse solenoid valve. After receiving the signal, the solenoid valve opens the valve core according to the specified instruction to control the water from the faucet; when the human hand leaves the infrared sensing range , The solenoid valve does not receive the signal, and the solenoid valve spool is reset by the internal spring to control the water closing of the faucet.

Classification of induction faucets

The induction faucet is divided into AC and DC. The AC induction faucet needs to be connected to the power supply to be used. The DC is powered by the battery and has a voltage undervoltage function. When the battery is low, the light is only on. At this time, the sensor stops working and prompts to replace the battery in time.

The benefits of sensor faucet

1. The appearance of the induction faucet is beautiful, simple and generous, highly decorative, and convenient to use.
2. The automatic sensor faucet can choose AC or dry battery power supply, and the power supply is optional.
3. The design of the induction faucet is very user-friendly, and the opening time of the valve is limited by a certain time, usually around 30 seconds. If this time limit is exceeded, the valve will automatically close to avoid the waste of water resources caused by foreign objects in the sensing range for a long time. compared to other,this type of faucet can save water by more than 60%.
4. The automatic sensor faucet will automatically close the valve after washing hands, eliminating the need to close the faucet after washing hands, thus Avoid contamination of the bacteria on the faucet, more clean and hygienic.

There are so many benefits of induction faucets, if you like, you can click on the picture below to replace the faucets in your home and use faucets with higher technological content.


Selection skills of induction faucet

1. Appearance: The faucet body is made of all-copper casting, and the surface must have a smooth finish. The coating of regular products has specific process requirements and has passed the salt spray test. The surface must be free of burrs, pores, and oxidation spots, preventing the purchase of zinc alloy faucets. body.
2. Induction module and valve body: The induction circuit is an integrated circuit board, the induction distance can be adjusted intelligently, and the service life of the solenoid valve core must be more than 300,000 times.
3. After-sales service: With after-sales guarantee and the ability to solve problems, you can choose some companies with long production experience, usually with stronger service capabilities.
4. Details: The product has regular brand packaging, and the internal circuit plug must be a waterproof plug, which is reasonably designed and easy to maintain.
5. Qualification: A manufacturer with quality inspection by an authoritative organization, certain production capacity, development scale, professionalism, and engineering cases.

Daily maintenance of induction faucets

1. Only use water or colorless mild detergent and wipe with a soft cloth.
2. Please keep the sensing window part clean, and there should be no stains or scale films on the surface.
3. When the red light in the sensor window flashes and no water comes out, it needs to be replaced with a new battery.

Post time: Dec-17-2022