How to judge and solve the problem of slow water flow from the faucet

With the continuous improvement of people’s income and living standards, the personalized demand for life is also significantly improved. It is no longer about satisfying the simple basic necessities of life, but more about the pursuit of quality of life. For convenience, people have installed faucets for cleaning kitchen utensils and daily consumption in the kitchen. Kitchen faucets provide great convenience for our daily life, but many people will encounter the problem of small water output from kitchen faucets in the process of using kitchen faucets, which has a great impact on everyone’s normal life. In order to solve this problem, we have summarized some reasons and solutions for this situation, hoping to help everyone.

✅Water quality problems
Impurities such as sand, stone, rust, and turbid liquid in the water will cause blockage of the faucet over time, resulting in low water output.You can unscrew the outlet of the faucet for inspection, and turn on the faucet when the filter head is unscrewed, If it returns to normal, it means that the problem lies in the filter. It is necessary to gently tap the filter of the faucet in the sink,Let the solid impurities such as sand and other larger particles fall down. Remember not to pick it with your hands, as doing so will press the sand into the filter is thus stuck.


✅The problem of foreign body blockage
The water output from the faucet is small, which may be caused by large foreign objects. Prepare a wrench for removing the faucet,Open the faucet interface under the basin with a wrench, remove the faucet filter head and set it aside. Will Stand the faucet upside down and fill the faucet with a bottle of clean water. If the water flowing out of the back end of the faucet is not smooth, it means there is foreign matter in the faucet and needs to be rinsed thoroughly before reinstalling.After cleaning the foreign matter, you can test it with water again to ensure that it is all cleaned and the normal water flow is restored. Then you can put it back. When putting it back, pay attention to check whether the joint is tightened to avoid water leakage.


✅Water pressure problem,except for some problems caused by some use, we tend to ignore this problem. It may be that the water pressure is low. This problem is also a problem that is best determined. First of all, it is necessary to determine whether the water output of the local faucet is small or the faucet of the whole house has this kind of problem. and then determine whether the main water valve in the home is not fully open, resulting in a small amount of water. At the same time, you can also ask the neighbors if they have the same problem with the water pressure. If so, you can discuss it with the property owner.


✅The water heater has limescale: This is a very common situation when the water heater has been used for a long time. It is also a very annoying phenomenon. If you find that only the hot water flow becomes smaller when you take a shower, or there is no water suddenly, in addition to the pipeline problem, it may also be that the water heater has been used for too long and the scale has accumulated.In this case, it is recommended to find the original factory to check, clean the scale or replace it with a new one.


✅The bubbler is out of order. This often happens that the basin faucet and kitchen faucet have a small water output and no bubbles. Low water pressure prevents the bubbler from creating air bubbles. You can remove the bubbler and clean it, then use a vise to clamp the bubbler, turn it clockwise, and then you can unscrew it with a little effort in the clockwise direction, and then put it back in the order of disassembly or replace it with a new one. Hemoon uses the best quality aerator, which can make the water flow from the faucet soft and comfortable like mist, and filter the impurities in the water without splashing around. Any product of Hemoon has a five-year warranty, which is the difference between good quality.

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Post time: Dec-09-2022