Hemoon Brass Tall Basin Faucet With Knurled Design

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Product Details Innovative knurled faucet. It adds a unique style to the bathroom while saving water and being durable. It is made of 59 copper and has a high quality ceramic spool which is durable and beautiful. To produce a faucet, quality is a prerequisite, but the precise handling of details enables our company to survive and compete for a long time. The knurled faucet is the latest faucet developed by our company.

  • Product Model: HeMoon-2519-01A
  • Cartridge: Ceramic valve core
  • Material: 62#Brass
  • Salt spray test: 144 hours Neutral salt spray test
  • Handle Material: 500,000 times Open and Close tests
  • Aerator: Neoperl Aerator
  • The thickness of chrome plating: Nickel>8um
  • Package: 1 set/box
  • Standard: Watermark CE
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    Hemoon Brass Tall Basin Faucet With Knurled Design

    Nowadays, there are many styles of faucets. Choosing a suitable faucet is also a more important thing for decoratingthe house. Ordinary faucets tend to slip when turning the faucet while cleaning. The knurled kitchen faucet solves theproblem of slippage, because there are many knurls on the faucet body, which increases the force area and friction,and the knurled pattern is clear and beautiful, which is different from the general faucet.


    The above pictures are taken from the exhibition hall. You can see that our knurling is very fine. The knurled faucet is like a diamond, which symbolizes beautiful things. Diamonds have many sides, and each side is shiny. Hemoon Tall Basin Faucet It is also with this design concept to add a touch of luxury and beauty to your life. Whether you or your friends see it, it is a highlight and a part of pride.


    Our Advantages

    • The use of cCeramic valve core greatly increases the service life of the faucet and ensures the stability of operation.
    • High quality brass integral casting s, the basin mixer tap will not burst or escape even in extremely cold environments, resisting weak acid and alkaline corrosion and having a strong resistance to high water pressure.
    • Using the honeycomb bubbler, the water flow is more gentle, the same water volume can flow for a longer time, the water utilization rate is higher, and the water saving effect is achieved.
    • Easy to install,Simply connect to the water supply and use your existing hot/cold holes. A typical installation can be done in less than 1-hour even Do It by Yourself (DIY).
    • Various colors can be customized, free sample fee, fast sample making, fast shipping.

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