Luxury Opal Progressive Bathroom and Kitchen Tall Basin Mixer

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  • Opal Progressive Tall Basin Mixer-252001a, a luxurious and innovative addition to any bathroom or kitchen. Made of high-quality brass material, this basin faucet features sophisticated design, superior style and superior functionality.
  • The Opal Progressive Tall Basin Faucet is available in four stunning finishes including Brushed Gold, Brushed Nickel, Brushed Bronze and Graphite. Each finish option exudes unique charm and blends seamlessly with any interior design, adding a touch of elegance to your space.
  • Featuring a gorgeous and luxurious square spout, this basin faucet not only provides a visually appealing design but also ensures a controlled and efficient flow of water. The square spout adds a modern touch to the overall aesthetic, making it the perfect addition to a modern bathroom or kitchen.
  • The Opal progressive tall basin faucet also features a 180-degree hand wheel for easy control of temperature and water flow. Whether you prefer a soothing hot bath or a refreshing cold shower, this basin faucet makes it easy to adjust the water temperature to your preference.
  • In addition, this basin faucet comes with hot and cold water controls to ensure you have a comfortable and convenient experience every time you use it. The precise control mechanism quickly adjusts so you can achieve the perfect water temperature for washing your hands, face, or dishes.
  • The Opal Progressive Tall Basin Faucet is designed with durability in mind and is built to last. The brass material used in its construction ensures long-lasting reliability and corrosion resistance, guaranteeing that it will maintain its attractive appearance for years to come.

  • Product Name: Opal Progressive Tall Basin Mixer
  • Product Model: 252001a
  • Option Finishes: Brushed Nickel, Brushed Gold, Brushed Bronze, Graphite
  • Material: Brass
  • Design: Knurling
  • Installation Type: Single Hole
  • Installation way: Deck-mounted
  • WELS Rating: 6L/Min, 5Star
  • Sample : Supported
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    Product Type: Basin Tap Set
    Product SKU: NR252001aBN
    Colour: Brushed Nickel
    Material: Brass
    WELS Rating: 6L/Min, 5Star


    Product Type: Basin Tap Set
    Product SKU: NR252001aBG
    Colour: Brushed Gold
    Material: Brass
    WELS Rating: 6L/Min, 5Star


    Product Type: Basin Tap Set
    Product SKU: NR252001aBZ
    Colour: Brushed Bronze
    Material: Brass
    WELS Rating: 6L/Min, 5Star


    Product Type: Basin Tap Set
    Product SKU: NR252001aGR
    Colour: Graphite
    Material: Brass
    WELS Rating: 6L/Min, 5Star


    Minimalist, yet eye catching, our Opal Progressive range effortlessly takes centre stage without drawing attention to itself. Like most true stars, these taps, mixers, showers and accessories don’t have to try too hard to impress. They come in an ultra-modern range of finishes which feature brushed gold, brushed nickel, brushed bronze and graphite.


    But it’s not just how the Progressive range looks that makes it such a stand out. It’s how it works. The mixer handle works through three separate zones – cold water only, a mix of hot and cold and hot water only – for more efficient water usage. You can see and feel the quality the moment you come into contact with them. The tactile finish on the handles, for example is the perfect combination of visual appeal and welcome practicality. We have carefully considered not just the aesthetic
    appeal, but the everyday ease of use.

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